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A holistic approach

Geospatial & Geomatics can be applied almost anywhere

Whether measuring assets for a utility, or mapping social demographics, geospatial and geomatics can be applied to any subject. The expertise however comes in how to convey the information properly and consistently so that accuracy and precision is maintained.

Learn by Doing

Although some course work may be done online or from afar it’s not 100% remote.

We put you in the drivers seat. You will get to work with State of the Art Equipment, software, and ideas leading the locational industry today. You will become a deep generalist who is able to navigate around most geomatic and geospatial software on the market today.

Gain Practical Skills

Traditional programs don’t put real equipment in your hands… we do!

A question as old as time… how do you gain skill if you never get to practice or utilize them? We don’t buy the act that a educational organization can’t do both.

Build your Portfolio

Not just a list of courses that you have taken…

First and foremost we want your work to show the evolution of your skill not just for progress purposes, but for showing off to future employers. As you progress through our certificate program you will build a portfolio that you own and maintain/manage. Meaning you can flex those geospatial & geomatic tools to show off your know-how and skill.

Achieve your goals

Whether you want to work outside, inside, or a hybrid of one another…

The world is your oyster! Having the skills to bridge CAD to GIS, data collection to CAD or GIS or Both, will enable you to work from Architectural and Engineering firms to Geospatial firms anywhere in the world.

Become a Locational Expert

Anyone can work a piece of equipment or play with software, fewer are able to think in those through workflows from either of those, and even fewer can link the two to one another. That’s why we teach you both at the same time. To bridge the gap and bring data collection to visualization.  

Course Preview

Core 1

Introduction to Geospatial

Students will learn the basics to how these programs work together and the strengths of each as they explore and play with class collected datasets.

Introduction to Geomatics

Students will learn about tools of the trades, from Survey Total Stations & GPS to Scanners and Drones.

Core 2

Geomatics Equipment

Students will engage equipment “From the ground up”. 

Geospatial Software

This course will build on Intro to Geospatial with a dive deeper into software and programs .

Introduction to Enterprise Software

This course focuses to inform the students to take the Data manager approach.


Environmental Applications

Students will work in small teams and complete a river or watershed assessment of an assigned area utilizing the tools and software.

Infrastructure Applications

IA will teach the student to look up, and down, at manmade objects that power, water, and convey waste.


Seminar (Various Topics)

Students will be required to attend 8 hours of additional study outside the classroom environment.

Student Application (Project)

As a capstone, students will create their own project from data collection to visualization utilizing the tools they have available to them.